Reply To: Non-linear recovery (tell me I don't have CIDP)

June 10, 2017 at 5:06 pm

There are some reports that Spinal Tap is positive in only 80% of cases. This website lists the following ways to Diagnose CIDP.

“How is CIDP diagnosed? Diagnosis of CIDP is based on the symptoms of the patient: Symptoms such as loss of sensation (numbness), abnormal sensation (tingling and pain), loss of reflexes, and weakness (difficulty walking, foot drop)
Tests such as nerve conduction and EMG (usually showing a demyelinating neuropathy), spinal fluid analysis (usually showing elevated protein with normal cell count), blood and urine tests (to rule out other disorders that may cause neuropathy and to look for unusual proteins)”

Dr. Lewis expands on reflexes with this, “Deep tendon reflexes: Reflexes characteristically are diminished or absent even in regions with only mild weakness.” As well as other clinical (in the office) and laboratory tests.

Do as BryanF says, If you haven’t been seen by a Dr. outside the ER you might consider finding a neurologist familiar with GBS?CIDP.