Reply To: questionable diagnosis

June 4, 2017 at 8:21 pm


Thanks for your reply. I have been reading your posts for months, you are clearly a significant resource for this forum.

I am concerned both about the side effects and the substance of my diagnosis. I have learned the hard lesson that their are few certains with chronic illnesses of any kind, I just wish someone would tell me with certainty that this is the direction to go in. I can march through with my head down.

How is switching to SCIG typically regarded by insurance companies? I was originally denied coverage for IVIG until my most recent neuro appealed. This is essentially what I think I paid for with him.

Does it even seem possible that I could have side effects lasting 4-5 days after a small infusion of 10g?

I will be having another 10g tomorrow preceded by an IV NSAID. Hopefully it is manageable.