Reply To: Isolation

June 3, 2017 at 1:07 am

The only family I have is a brother in Oregon who has enough problems of his own. I have a nurse advocate with Blue Shield but she can only act on doctor’s orders. BS did pick up my nursing home bill for a couple of weeks after I got out of the hospital in April for IVig.

I only get out of bed for showers and doctor appointments. I don’t have my own wheelchair, so I have one to use that no one else wants. I just purchased a leg brace and have started to stand, but it is very painful. When the ankle was broken, I really never had much pain due to the numbness, but standing the last few days has caused some intense pain and from what I can tell it is at a point where a plate and screws were put. I had no idea because I couldn’t,t feel it until a couple of days ago.

I just turned 63 a couple of weeks ago, so I am about 20 years younger than most of my fellow residents. Not much chance of socializing. Most of my friends were from work and I have only had four of them visit me in the 21 months. I retired as a computer technician less than two months before I got sick because my eyesight was getting so bad I could not continue.

On the good side, when I applied for SSDI, I got immediate approval. I am hoping that my situation gets better after the visit to the UC Irving Neuromuscular Center. If they confirm the diagnosis, the battles might get easier. Next neuro visit is June 15 so nothing will happen until then.