Reply To: Just diagnosed with GBS!

May 29, 2017 at 9:14 pm

hi I’m new here.. to sure if I’m even a GBS example.. But for last two months nerve pain both sides of my body esp at night i walk with a gait to left..Neuro said i have polyneuropathy but never said what it was from.. i been sober 9 years he said it was from the alcohol.. tho i asked another doc and they said no thats a wrong diagnosis..The last week was admitted twice to host for breathing problems.. they took cat scan glass on lungs they say its pertussis .. the nerve pain is spreading through out my body just curious do i have gbs? i know I’m probably gonna have to get a spinal tap i mentioned that in hosp and said i don’t need one.. i don’t even know what doc to go to now..on top of this back problems can hardly walk and my heart is reduced cause of the breathing problems.. help!!