Reply To: CIDP and Medicare

May 29, 2017 at 4:06 pm

I would love to pay less — a LOT less — and I’ve explored the options, but all I get from Medicare is a statement that Part B covers IVIG only for people with primary immune defiency disease (PIDD). The info you posted about the demonstration project was only for people with PIDD. I actually have PIDD, as well as CIDP, but the amount of IVIG used for treating immune deficiency is a fraction of what I need to treat CIDP. I’m going to look into this again, but the insurance arrangement I have now was the best I could find when I started IVIG. I take so many other drugs, some very expensive, that I wouldn’t dare drop my Part D coverage. My drug expenses would go up to about $1,000 a month without it. And my medigap insurance has totally covered the 20% that Part B and Part A didn’t cover for my $50,000 knee surgery and my $80,000 pelvic and spine fracture repairs. I haven’t paid a cent beyond my $48 a month supplemental policy premium each month.