Reply To: Unable to tolerate IVIG?

May 22, 2017 at 5:23 pm

I got a nasty rash that pretty much affected top of my legs & arms, chest. Called my Doctor. He prescribed me, 4 days of IV infusions of 250 mg of Methlyprednisone. That severely affected my lower GI. The whole problem took close too 2 months. Which interrupted my next 2 scheduled, IVIG infusions. We talked about what to try next. After a few more weeks.

We changed brands of IVIG medicine, same dose and rate. Except, I now pre-treat, with Methylprednisone prior to the infusion. I have successfully had one treatment and it went smoothly. I am due for my second round shortly.
Thankfully I have had no adverse reaction.

Hope it all comes together for you. Have faith and keep a positive attitude.