Reply To: CIDP Concerns, Need a Neurologist in Philadelphia ASAP, HELP

May 11, 2017 at 2:02 pm

The way I am dealing with my CIDP, is I am either moving forward or not. Which means being proactive. This site is a wealth of knowledge. Hopefully you will get results with the IVIG. I had to do a lot to get my insurance to cover me. I was turned down on my first attempts. I then researched Aetna’s coverage. I found with a simple PDF being filled out. I was covered for one year. So don’t give up if you are turned down by your insurance. In my case they needed one more test result.

I Explained to DR Tabby that transportation is a huge problem for me too. He got me set up with an Infusion service so I only have to go to the office for my usual Examination’s.

Till you get setup with plan it seems daunting. But if you can keep moving forward you will get a plan in place and hopefully start seeing results.