Reply To: Advice wanted

May 2, 2017 at 3:29 pm

GBS is unlikely after so long. GBS almost always peaks in 4-6 weeks then resolves, often leaving behind residuals. If you are having relapses since the original attack 2 years ago, you may have CIDP or another chronic variant of GBS. Testing for CIDP is discussed throughout these forums, a recent discussion is contained in the following thread:

I would think that determining what you have is the first order of business. Then treatments can be reviewed to make sure they don’t interact with some of the other ailments you have and the ones that don’t can be tried. I’m thinking Rituximab may be a helpful treatment. It can deal with many forms of CIDP and help arthritic conditions too. You can learn more about it here in these forums. Simply type the word in the forum search box and click search.