Reply To: Physical therapy

May 1, 2017 at 9:46 pm

We recently had a chapter meeting in Houston and the guest speaker was a physical therapist. She was very informed about cidp and said their therapists get training for it. I talked to her briefly after the meeting and told her my neuro thought I did not need it and I would be wasting my money. She said they would do an evaluation on me and maybe send me home with things I can do on my own. Our local neighborhood pools will open soon and I assume water exercises would be good and less stressful on the legs. Would be curious what others do in their therapy. My biggest issue 5 months into the disease is my sore thighs, where my cidp originated. The soreness comes and goes but I have more bad days than good. I do the simple cidp exercises while in bed that I found online, mainly leg lifts, knees to chest, ankle rolls. How do therapists deal with muscle shrinkage? Thanks for any tips. Jeff