Reply To: Excessive Physical Exertion Takes a Toll

April 29, 2017 at 8:23 am


So sorry to hear you had a fungal infection as well. You’ve been through so much.

Thanks for saying that the steroids may have slowed down my immune system. I have always thought that too. And yes, they were given for what the HCP thought was a compressed spine. I have read about ALA and actually bought some a few weeks back. I have not taken it yet though, bc I feel like I am taking so many other supplements. I will start to work it in. One more question for you, every time I look to see what causes demyelination, I see GBS/CIDP. Do you know of anything else that would? This past weekend when I did yard work I sprayed a bit of round-up (which I feel guilty for using bc it’s so bad for the environment). I then had my eyes swell up and the twitching started again. Not sure if it’s a direct correlation. I started taking charcoal tablets and semi-fasting about 6 weeks ago. I think that’s when most of my twitching stopped. I almost feel like I may have had a toxin exposure. Possibly exposed to something that had GBS like consequences? I hope for an answer one day. I’ll ramp up the charcoal again this weekend and see if I can get the rest of my twitches under control. I did ask my PCP for a referral to an ID, but it was for Lyme and they would not take me since I had tested negative 3 times, 2 antibody and one western blot. I could ask again for the toxin possibility.

If you would’t mind sharing, how did you know you had a fungal infection? I have had 2 MRI’s, one 5 months ago and one 3 weeks ago. They were fine, the last one showed I had some mild scattered mucosal thickening. I worried it may be a fungal thing, but I don’t know if something like that is more obvious.