Reply To: Excessive Physical Exertion Takes a Toll

April 28, 2017 at 5:21 pm


I learn something every time you post. Thanks.

As far as exertion goes. This month is the “busier” season where I work. I went in at 3am and left at 2:30 pm this afternoon.

My IVIG treatment from April 2-7 finally started to kick in last week. If lifted the horrible feeling of fatigue and I regain a lot of stamina, but numbness and a bit of motor control issue still remain (hoping next week’s treatments work on these areas).

But after almost 12 hours on my feet, the numbness in my hands, calf muscles, and feet have been dial up to an 8. Walking and gripping right now are horrible. Over doing it is a bad thing. The problem is balancing that with the need for money and insurance ; )

I’ll probably hit the hay by 6:30 tonight and hope a good night’s sleep fixes things. Since the IVIG’s effects have kicked in, I do seem to recover quicker during the last week and a half.

Now that my new doctor is going to give me a maintenance dose of IVIG every 4-5 weeks, it will be interesting see how the disease and recovery now progress.

I can tell you that going without IVIG for 3 months definitely made me feel run down, fatigued, and of course the numbness and motor control issues came back with a vengeance.