Reply To: subcutaneous infusions

April 25, 2017 at 7:17 pm

The latest information I’ve read about ports is that the infection rate among immune deficient patients is so high — 26% — that the majority of doctors have stopped using them. Some of the infections have been life-threatening. I want to get away from having anything — including infusion connections — stuck in me 24 hours a day. I’ve had major problems when trying to keep the needle in for five days and nights. I’ll spare you the details, but both my forearms are covered with painful bruises and some of my veinns are so sore I can hardly bear having anything even brush against my arms. The nurse has to change my needle to a different locationseveral times during each infusion and remove it for the night. I need a better way. I have both CIDP and a primary immune deficiency, and I will need gamma globulin regularly and frequently for the rest of my life.

I’m seeing my neurologist next week and will discuss this with him then. I’m also going to talk to the head nurse at the infusion service I use and learn about what’s involved in making the transition. I was hoping to find someone who is using SCIG successfully and could relate his/her experience.

Thanks for your response.