Reply To: subcutaneous infusions

April 25, 2017 at 11:16 am

I did SubQ infusions for one summer. I decided to go back to IV because it was less invasive on my time. I wanted to try SubQ because I wanted to be in control of when I got my infusions. But because I did not switch from my current Gammulux 5% to a 10% solution because I did not want to rock-the-boat. I don’t get any side effects from Gammulux and was afraid I would if switch to Hirzenza (sp??). So because I was on a 5% solution I had to give myself so much that it took almost as much time as my IV infusion but I was doing it twice a week now!!! So i felt like I was always getting an infusion. I did like the fact that I was in control… I did it one day at my workplace. But I did not like how often I had to get infusions. But I do hear that if you have problems with the high and low of IV infusions because the immunoglobin is given in a high dose and then depletes over the next few weeks. Well, with SubQ you keep a more consistent amount of the immunoglogib in your blood so not so much hign and low effects. Less side effects then too. But since I do not have problems with IVIG and my veins are good (so far) I went back to IVIG as I only need the infusion once every 5 weeks instead of twice weekly. But I will go back to SubQ if ever start to have problems with IV infusions. They were not hard to do once I was trained. No nurse required after training period. Good Luck.