Reply To: Week of IVIg treatments and a second opinion

April 13, 2017 at 2:23 pm

Prednisone is a pretty much accepted first line treatment for CIPD.

The problem I had is that it has failed twice for me and the side effects are mounting. My original doctor ignored its failures and the side effects, including high blood sugar and swollen ankles and feet

The new neurologist had me tested for blood sugar, bone density and acknowledge prednisone doesn’t seem to be suppressing my immune system as it should.

So over the next several months he wants to taper down the doses.

I think I respond well to IVIg and look forward to seeing if 4-6 week treatments are the answer.

All I know is that this last relapse set me back and I don’t want to repeat that cycle again

As to results from last week’s infusions, today it feels like it finally kicked in! My legs feel a bit stronger and work is only semi-killing me :). So good 7 days to feel the effects….