Reply To: CIDP Concerns, Need a Neurologist in Philadelphia ASAP, HELP

April 4, 2017 at 11:49 am

I, will give a recommendation, for DR Tabby.

DR David Tabby, DO
Optimum Neurology
301 City Avenue, Phila PA, 19004
610 664 2584

I an just finished my first course if IVIG. Other than the severe Rash I got on the last infusions it went rather well.
They pre-treated with a steroid’s, in an attempt to limit the effects of the Rash. It was better for me, with the pre-treatment. as far as the Rash is concerned. I have had improvement’s in my hands and arms. My feet, the worse of the offenders. Is having less results. But I’m hopping for the best!