Reply To: MMN anyone update on here with it?

April 2, 2017 at 9:56 am

Thank you both… yes we are at USF which is a center. New Dr. is great Hera Stevens.
Just seems sad so many people suffer from so many crazy things.
We have a follow up in April his IVIG dose is 180 over 3 days now (60) per day and that is up from first 2 months of 150 over 3 day (50) per day …. I see when the infusion rate is faster it’s giving him headache and sore arm… I have asked the nurse to slow it down… it’s at least 5-6 hrs now. He is a difficult stick only good in hands so he may have to get a port. Thank you for listening and your help, I so wish it were me not him… he doesn’t really complain which is why nurse ups his IVIG rate so I think I have convinced him slow is better!