Reply To: CIDP Concerns, Need a Neurologist in Philadelphia ASAP, HELP

March 31, 2017 at 1:24 pm

Thanks for the speedy responses.

So, I had an EMG of my right leg and arm about a month ago before all of my symptoms got really bad. It was totally fine.

Because I need the MRI, I had to see someone at my primary office. Luckily, they scheduled me with someone else who may or may not be better, we’ll see. I see them on Tuesday.

Jim-LA, I am in contact with the Foundation’s volunteer for Philadelphia, but I will contact a liaison for some referrals and check out the thread.

These are both excellent replies. I feel supported.

This board makes me feel less alone. When I was calling my primary, he was so shocked that the hospital didn’t do a MRI like they were supposed to and that they didn’t keep me for observation when describing my symptoms. At least some people understand!

Thanks again,