Reply To: For those who get regular IVIG infusions, how often do you get them?

March 26, 2017 at 11:27 am

Bryan – yes I would definitely talk with your doctor about the side-effects of the prednisone. Especially talk about the reward vs. risk topic. I had the exact same talk with my doctor when I was on IV Steroids for a year. Initially I saw improvement, but then it simply tapered out. Prolong use of steroids made me irritable and to the point, that the treatment was worse than the disease. He agreed and changed my treatment.

I wish you well Bryan. This disease is bad enough to deal with. When there is real benefit in the treatment, it’s easier to go through the side-effects knowing there is some good that will come out of it. When that isn’t true anymore, then it’s time for a plan B. Good luck at the doctors tomorrow!