Reply To: GBS As a Child, Serious Effects Now?

March 22, 2017 at 12:19 am

Hello again,

Thanks, Jim-LA. After reading this forum and some other websites, I wrote something out describing CIDP with symptoms, treatments, etc and referencing those websites you guys linked. I tried to keep it to two or three pages because it’s a public health clinic, and while my CRNP is amazing, she is not going to sit there and read something over that amount, y’know? I have to be a little realistic.

Anyway, I sat there and thought about what exactly all of my symptoms were and typed them all out and how they related to CIDP. I hope we are able to figure this all out and get me treatment if this is CIDP. The Neurologist I saw, while at an amazing hospital, was very dismissive despite the fact that I had no reflexes because my EMG was fine.

I just want this all figured out.

Does anyone else get an itching feeling and a crawling feeling? Is that normal?