Reply To: Copper deficency diagnosis.

March 15, 2017 at 9:13 pm

While your symptoms could be caused by a number of things, your neurologist should rule out either GBS or CIDP as a precaution.

I went through a similar progression. Thyroid testing, ruled out. Then my vitamin B-12 levels were low, wasted 3 weeks rebuilding their levels while I got progressively worse.

If I remember correctly, my journey with CIDP started with sharp pains in my toes and often foot pain. It came and went at first. Then I started with sharp pains in my pointer fingers in both hands that alternated. Finally I started experiencing numbness in my hands and feet, ultimately ending up with the glove and sock feeling. Fatigue and loss of motor control followed.

So push for testing to rule out more serious issues. Being a CIDP sufferer, an electrical stimulus test and a lumbar puncture are the 2 ways to determine if you have it. I can’t speak to any other ailments. Maybe someone with GBS can relate their experiences.

Good luck.