Reply To: Numbness related to strength

March 15, 2017 at 6:16 pm

There is a different condition previously called ‘tulip-bulb digger’s palsy’ or ‘potato-grubbing palsy. The idea was that if you spent too much time on bent knee you might get numbness and even foot drop. It’s the reason for some of us to have the PM-22 gene deletion genetic tests.

How is this relevant? Be aware that if you have myelin sheath damage to your sensory nerves, therefore, the nerve bundle may be sensitive to pressure damage. Consider your limbs’ position prior to the numbness. In my case both of my arms are particularly sensitive to lower arm numbness at night when I’m asleep and I cross both arms across my chest.

When I’m driving with either arm on the car door or between the seat arm rests for a long period of time is also problematic for me. The peroneal nerve bundle is at risk at the point where you cross your legs.

Observe your episodes and see if you get relief from avoiding pressure points.