Reply To: Newly Diagnosed and Multiple Chronic Illnesses

March 12, 2017 at 1:05 pm

I’m in your camp. First I was diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency though I don’t get any sicker than my family. I have delayed gastric emptying and bile reflux which is wholly unpleasant. In 2013 I had my gallbladder taken out due to ductal stones and since then my liver function studies have increasingly gotten worse. Biopsy suggested drug induced but doc “never bought into that theory”. I see a hepatologist in April rather than my gastro. Then ALL the crazy stuff associated with CIPD, like foot drop and what they thought was brachial neuritis. Going to any new doc is a nightmare with all this isn’t it? Last summer I had terrible eye problems which the university docs could not figure out with corneal edema alternating between eyes. Finally had biopsy of eye fluid (wild experience) which showed herpes simplex. Seems every time I come up with something new, it present so atypical my docs are stumped. THE CIPD neurologist had run the blood tests which showed the elevated liver enzymes (6 months after gallbladder removal). He said it was highly unlikely to have several serious medical conditions that are not related. I’ve always remembered his words.