Reply To: Being weaned off IVig after 4 years

March 9, 2017 at 7:43 pm

I had to stop IVIg on Dec 7 of 2016 (treatment was Sep 2015 – Dec 2016). I’ve done fairly well without the use of immune suppressants and pain meds. The only thing that I noticed was that when I have “flare-ups” (not relapses); The lingering symptoms of the damage of CIDP are more noticeable and I will require more rest because I don’t have the extra help from IVIg anymore. I’ve learned not to “panic” and just calmly ride the mini storms that come and go like the weather. Fortunately, I do not work anymore because of the damage the disease has done (46 years old) so taking the time to rest and knowing my limits helps with recovery.
I hope that you have a smooth transition from IVIg and you do great. Keeping a journal during this time could help you and your DRs keep track of how its going.
Warmest regards,