Reply To: Axonal Guillan Barre (AMAN)

February 27, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Hi every one, Im went to hospital in january and they could not find out why my feet was getting so weak, they nerv tested me, and as usual they cant understand why Im walking, because I have so very weak respond in nerve test and my hands are also with very low respond. But because I did not paralyzed they did not send my to rehab center, and Im struggling every day now with my feets and hands and lot of new pains. I cant get IVIG for last time I got it for 10 years ago I did not tolerate it my white bloodshell went down and I was in great danger of getting infection. But their result was after the spine tab that I had a fleur up what ever that means, I got feeling that I was not treated right because they had no idea how to deal with this and they don’t believe you can get GBS more then one time, this was my third time in 11 years. I told theim what the nerve doctor had told me about there was damage in the nerv them self not only in the mylane. They just looked at my and said that was very rare but that was the day after I told them I thought I had aman. So now Im trying to get to my doc at the hospital to get something that can help my to over come this pain and Im now numb from my toes to my hips, have hard time walking for I have little balance. so wish my luck to get some help, the system here is not for sick people you have to have strong will and be healthy to get something done in our healthcare system.
greetings from Iceland, Helga