Reply To: First week back to work…

February 23, 2017 at 2:03 pm

Hypersensitivity at the same time as numbness is not unusual. In my case, my feet were hypersensitive in the early stages of recovery to the degree that it was painful when they were touched. Several years out, I still have some residual hypersensitivity in my toes, but it is not severe.

Fatigue is also normal during recovery. I can’t imagine having to work on one’s feet during the recovery process. When I first started walking again, I couldn’t go more than two blocks without stopping for a rest. Now, I can walk a mile fairly asily, but I still don’t like standing for hours.

One must distinguish between fatigue and relapse. Fatigue is normal, but it is not persistent. Weakness caused by demyelination will persist and progress. It is important not to overexert yourself during recovery. Cycles of exercize and rest are good but one should not work to the point of exhaustion.