Reply To: Hello from Houston

February 22, 2017 at 6:55 pm

Hi BryanF, thank you for responding to my plea. Our circumstances do sound somewhat comparable. I was curious if you are taking nerve medication like gabapentin or if because your neuro added steroids to your treatment plan, you maybe do not need to take the other drugs? Did your neuro explain why he or she thought adding the steroid to the infusions was recommended? I have many questions for my neuro but get this, he is currently MIA (missing in action). When I first saw him on a recommendation he indicated that he was going to be leaving his current center of practice and moving to one of the large schools/hospitals in our famed Medical Center here in Houston. I really liked him and owe him for the quick diagnosis and told him I would follow him to his new location. He sent an email to his patients with his new number and address and with a date of early Feb for starting at the new location. So I call to make an appt. and I am told he has not started yet and they were unsure when he would be starting??!! When I checked with his old place they said they thought he would be starting sometime later in March. As much as I liked the guy, how can you leave your patients hanging like that? With no way of getting in touch. It would be simple to go to a new neuro except for the fact that my insurance approved me for 6 months of treatment based on his diagnosis and his name is all over all the paperwork. I have no doubt that I would have to go back to my primary doc and start the process all over again. I have an infusion on Friday and I am going to check with the main nurse about the whole situation. Your leg pain sounds like it is more lower legs whereas mine is more the upper thighs especially where those large nerves run. I have no doubt that is where most of my damage is since that is where it all started. Great that you are back to work full time but does your job require you to be on your feet all day? Mine is a desk job with quite a bit of moving around and most of the time I feel better standing and moving versus sitting for long periods. Driving is the worst for me as I have a long commute from home to job so I have changed my hours to beat some of the horrible Houston traffic. Would like to keep up with your progress if interested. Maybe via email versus this forum? As I told cirpybirdy until someone has experienced this condition it is hard to explain it to people. Until later, Jeff