Reply To: Hello from Houston

February 22, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Chirpybirdy, you are so sweet to reply to me with your story. Sounds like you have had a good outcome and also sounds like you have a good positive outlook. Who wouldn’t with a username of cirpybirdy :). I am curious if you have had any other treatment along with your infusions? Did or do you take any nerve drugs like gabapentin or gralise? I have a friend that had shingles and has to take gabapentin the rest of his life or the horrible itching comes back. Others on this thread were given a steroid to take while getting infusions. I did find that Houston has a local chapter of this organization so I will be attending their meetings and hopefully learn more from others with cidp. I am a true believer that until you can walk in my shoes…. so talking to others that have been down this road is extremely helpful for me. 10 hour days!! I used to do that but I need to slow down. Good luck with that teenager and I am going to channel your positive energy. Thanks again for your note. Until later, Jeff