Reply To: Hello from Houston

February 22, 2017 at 12:10 pm

I just put in full first week at work after being off for 7 weeks. I guess I hadn’t realized how deeply CIDP had atrophied my muscles from my knees on down. I’m worn out after standing all day. Plus, the neuropathy hasn’t healed yet in my feet, so they are stiff at the end of my shift as well.

From reading the various accounts from our fellow suffers, it just seems everyone heals at different rates and my neurologist last Friday, after (can’t remember the name of it) the electrical test, that it might be another 60 days or more before we find out the true extent of what heals.

I’m happy to be walking unaided, but I definitely want to heal a lot more than this. Then again, some of my weakness I’m putting towards the high does of steroids on still on for at least the next couple of months. It still throws me for a loop each day. And like the CIDP effects, the steroid side effects are new and different each and every day! : )

So I think, if others are like me, you wonder a bit, when your pains and symptoms change, “Is the CIDP coming back?” or am I just tired?

I’m always interested in seeing how others feel, how they react to exertion.