Reply To: Hello from Houston

February 22, 2017 at 8:36 am

Hi Jeff, I also like you was lucky enough to be diagnosed with CIDP within 3 months of the first onset of symptoms. I started IVIG right away and have been on it now for 5 years. I am currently 52. I had some pain in the beginning and over time it has subsided. My neurologist said that it could have been the initial damage that was done to my nerves and it would take some time for the nerves to heal. Now, 5 years out I am able to push my IVIG infusions out to every 5 weeks and I don’t have any major symptoms from my CIDP as long as I get my infusion. Sometimes the tingling in my hands returns or I start to drop small items, calve cramps at night and fatigue in my legs happens close to my infusion date but once I get the infusion I am good to go again. I hope for you that once you start to receive regular IVIG your nerves will start to heal and you will start to feel like your old self. I have not changed anything at all in my life. I am a mom of a teenager, I work long 10 hour days, and I am very active on the weekends. I do notice a little bit more fatigue in my legs and have to take certain things slower such as biking but it could also be just age. So relax a bit and try not to stress too much (stress makes my symptoms worse) and let your body heal. You are lucky to have started treatment so early and probably have only minor damage to your nerves. Good luck and keep us updated as to how you do.