Reply To: Undiagnosed – unusual deterioration course

February 18, 2017 at 9:51 am

I have medicaid through humana. However it’s barely medicaid. Its the medically needy variety, basically catastophic insurance. Unfortunately i called them yesterday to change my pcp and they are having a disconnect with medicaid. Humana is saying my policy was cancelled some time ago, even though they were just billed and accepted billing for my er visit on the 2nd. So I’m in limbo. However, symptoms are now retreating slowly. Feeling is returning to various sections and my right leg has regained a little strength. I am still looking into this and need to get a diagnosis if possible, especially if it does end up being CIDP/MS or some other horrible thing that will require regular medical management. Once i get medicaid straightened out i will continue to look into what happened and update. But as with anything involving medicaid, it may take a while. Thanks again.