Reply To: Advice wanted

February 13, 2017 at 7:11 pm

My initial event was in October 2016, and it was misdiagnosed as B12 deficiency. I was 63 years old. My left leg is still quite unpredictable. Generally it is the most difficult after laying down for the night. The ankle seems very unstable in the morning as well. I seem to still have an event of weakness and numbness in my limbs about every six days, but my foot stays numb all the time. The episodes are not as serious as the one four months ago. I was not treated for GBS. There are some days which are good, but still many that are not. Could someone tell me what to expect? Will the events become fewer and far between? Or will the numbness and weakness become less severe? When will I know that I am getting to the other side?
Any information is appreciated. Thanks.