Reply To: Denied/Delayed ivIG

January 21, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Ok. I just got my official appeal from the third party (AllMed) They upheld my insurance’s decision to deny ivig> They said that my diagnosis doesn’t fit the criteria for cidp. They said my diagnosis is more in line with brachial plexitis. Further, it says that this condition does not definitively show(based on clinical trials) helps people with brachial plexopathy.

What is brachial plexopathy.
? Is this a different thing, or just a catch-all term that includes cidp? Also, My insurance says this decision is binding. Where can I go from here? The letter says I can file a lawsuit, but how can I get past this? What good would a lawsuitt do? They denied my appeals 3 times before this. What do I need to show them to get a different result?

Also my doctor mentioned doing a nerve biopsy, but she wanted to make sure the muscle in my hand was dead, so s not to damage living tissue.