Reply To: Jokes on my illness

January 11, 2017 at 9:05 pm

I don’t know how funny this is, mostly sarcastic I think, it’s one of my pet peeves though.

I have a power wheelchair and use it to drive from my house to the supermarket, about a mile away. When shopping, I never can reach anything on the top and bottom shelves (without an awkward reach tool). Have you noticed they always seem to put the heavy items on the top and bottom shelves, in an ADA compliant (supposedly) store? So frustrating!

I have found that supermarket employees, even those stocking the shelves near me or manning the surveillance cameras on every aisle, won’t go out of their way to help me, or even ask if I need help (well, on RARE occasions). Shopping is one of those experiences those of us with CIDP related disabilities must tolerate if we wish to eat lol!

So, I usually wait until a kind neighbor walks by and politely ask them to get the item for me. Most try to help as soon as they see me trying to grab something out of my reach. I always shower them with praises for their help!

When checking out after shopping, the clerk typically asks me, “Do you need help out?”. Depending on my mood and my experience trying to get things from their shelves, I may say ‘yeah, I need help outa this life’ or ‘can you drive me home’ or ‘can you hang the bags on my wheelchair so I won’t tip over’. Sometimes, in a foul mood, I respond with ’what do you propose’ which usually gets a blank stare and/or a stuttering, apologetic response lol.

OK, all this is fun for me, but probably not for store clerks. I bet others here in the forums can associate though, and I hope they get a kick out of my sarcastic humor!