Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

December 13, 2016 at 11:44 am

Yes, Tarhealing, absolutely with both heat and exhaustion. I find that it’s the brightness of light that bears upon the compromised nerves, hence affecting muscle stamina. Even going into a mall or Lowes (used to be even a grocery store), would throw up flags and take me down a notch. Another thing my neurologist pointed out was that actual processing from my eyes to brain would be slower, and that stimulus overload might be expected, and result in exhaustion. And was he ever correct on that one. To this day, if I swing my head quickly from one thing to the next, or from one side to the other with any suddenness at all, I end up in a dizzy slog. Similarly, if I am in a very busy place, taking in lots of visual things, I get fatigued quickly. Oddly, it’s the same with being a passenger in a car. So, it’s changed my lifestyle somewhat, but, like you say, it’s doable, and I don’t even think about it much. When I slip I simply know I’ll be dizzy with a bit of vision-blur for awhile.

Ever since my GBS onset, I’ve always gotten tired much quicker, just doing everyday things. I walk and swim a lot, even in the ocean, but with much less stamina than prior. It’s fine, however, I find myself enjoying the little bit that I can do much more than the quantity of competitive activity I did before my illness.

It sounds like your’s is similar, but perhaps not as severe as mine was. I think you’re healing fine and, what does not completely restore, your brain will thankfully adjust to, and you’ll be fine. Stay content… it’s really something that is acquired, and I think you’re doing well.