Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

November 15, 2016 at 6:28 am

Hello Tarhealing,
Thank you for your answer.
As for me, my residual troubles are strange and prevent me from resuming(taking back) my activity. I found all my vision and I still have troubles which are situated inside my head. It is as some Plasticine, cramps, that contract in my head., my eyes and my nape of the neck which is very hard. It is so much tightened(stretched out) that that cracks(fails) some time.
I see double a fraction of a second before seeing simple and my eye has problems of spames of convergences, that is it does not see clear(net), it moves all the time to see clear(net).
I saw my neurologist-ophthalmologist yesterday, he tells me that it is my muscles which are too much contracted and that it is cramps which are going to pass. Besides, he says that my brain registered(recorded) the double vision and that’s why I see double before seeing simple. My brain have to make as a désenregistrement or reset. My problem is really my head and my neck and my arm. I also have difficulty trusting the doctors because it lasts for more than 5 months and my members are always very tense.
I am under medicine against the depression, is this voucher for the disease? Took it you?
From when were able to you to return to your professional activity?