Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

November 10, 2016 at 5:14 pm


Most double vision MFS patients do improve given time. It’s not uncommon for this recovery of nerve conduction to take a full year, or more. You should be seeing your eye doctor on a monthly basis. He would then take image-measurements to track improvement. Even if there is an ever so slight reduction of “double”, then you know that’s good!

It’s hard to say what your muscle-tension symptoms are. But I know that during my recovery year I had all kinds of muscle/nerve sensations that I had never had before. My neurologist said that these were all part of the regrowing of the myelin, and to expect weird and unusual things to happen. This may very well be you, but I’d keep a record of these aches and pains and report to your doctor when you see her/him.

I can feel your frustration and remember well the helplessness that MFS speaks into your days. With God’s strength, don’t allow yourself to project outcome too far into the future. Remember, this is a season. It will not last forever, and it is not permanent. Prayers are with you, and please keep us updated.