Reply To: Odd side effect

October 22, 2016 at 8:14 pm

CIDP does cause back, neck, shoulder pain maybe a coincidence of timing with IVIG? Many frustrations thru the entire process. My situation, I was new to area and had very hard time getting into a Dr in a timely manner. In 8 months I saw many many Doctors and had lots of lab work, MRI and scans. I had never heard of CIDP. In May, 2016, my ex Doctor said first available Neurologist appt for new pt was 1-17-2017…… Told nurse I would be totally disabled by then she responded that she tried her best. After 8 months of every changing painful symptoms I was Dx CIDP 4 months ago.
I have learned the hard way, find a good Neurologist who has treated CIDP AND GET 2nd and 3rd opinion. Every persons body reacts different to medicine and treatments. Keep a journal . Communicate with your Doctors nurse if you have questions. I was given many nerve prescriptions mentioned by others that helped them , but made my condition worse. Medicine is to make you feel better not worse .