Reply To: Residuals Question

September 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm

At age 46 in 1991 symptoms began in toes in early morning and by noon I was paralyzed unable to speak and in the ICU; in addition I had extreme headache; diagnosed spinal etc; 2 weeks in hospital and 5 plasmapheresis treatments; went home able to stand with assist and sit; only physical rehab available was done at home/fmly from old nursing text books and library info.
Months before I could walk unaided with canes; years before I could walk without looking handicapped. I am very grateful and blessed at age 71 w in own home.
Residuals: migraine, early menopause, periods of fatigue, neuro aches arms/legs, muscle weakness, absence of reflexes, feet and fingers; swallowing and speech. Lifelong phys and gen health enthusiast. Sinus infections and GERD prior also arthritis.
Other autoimmune diagnosises and labs since. Plaquenil this past year for AI connective disease. Anyone else with additional autoimmune ?