Reply To: Social Security Disability

August 31, 2016 at 6:30 pm

I couldn’t figure out how to start a new topic, so I’m replying to this old one. If I could’ve named this topic it would’ve been:

Social Security and NYS

If anyone is reading this and qualified for New York State Social Security Disability and has CIDP, please tell me if at first you were not approved. I can work part-time doing some computer consulting, but the bulk of my work was as a lighting technician in film and television production, which also involved driving trucks. My onset was with GBS and put me in the hospital for 7 days and then inpatient rehabilitation for 10 days and then outpatient physical therapy, of which insurance wouldn’t pay for anymore because I was getting worse with CITP. I find it very uncaring and hurtful, that the state that I have lived my whole life would say that I’m not disabled when I am walking with a walker, almost bizarre that they would tell me – you’re not disabled. Granted, I can walk with a walker and I can do some work, but I have lost 80% of my income.