Reply To: Prednisone

August 14, 2016 at 12:01 pm

This post was about a year and a half old, but still, would be good to hear how JackBurton is now. My mother takes prednisone daily – and has been doing so for 17 years… she got it for aan autoimmune condition called Hemolytic Anemia. She had varying dosages, but most recently it was 10 mg/day, and 20 if her HB levels were low. Her hemotologist had actually been trying to get her to agree to getting her spleen removed to try and cure the condition, and it was when my mom finally agreed, and got vaccination shots for the procedure, that she got GBS. During the first 8 months in the hospital, she didn’t get any prednisone anymore: because after her treatment with immunoglobin, the Hemolytic Anemia seemed to be gone! It stayed gone for 8 months, but now it appears it is back, so they started her on prednisone again, with a kickstarter of 75mg for a week, and 20mg after that. The results are great. She has a lot more energy, is more awake and less confused. No twitching or other side-effects.