Reply To: New- CIPD and Central Nerves/ Cranial

August 8, 2016 at 11:55 pm

Thanks Jim can you please clarify the time sequence of your treatments for me please. I’m feeling a little rattled today with my facial pain and palpitations … and am not concentrating v well. You mentioned that the delay in getting onto PE cause permanent problems? I sent a msg to my neurologist last night asking about his decision to start me on IVIg instead of PE but haven’t had a response yet. I also made an appointment to see another highly recommended neuro in Melbourne but she doesn’t have anything available until next February!! Not wanting to waste more precious time than I have to – I just found a neurologist in Sydney who supposedly specialises in this area also and made an appointment for next Tuesday. Hopefully by then I will know more from my cardiologist re. my unconfirmed AFib etc. I feel a bit vulnerable living in a part of Australia that doesn’t have these specialists and am really scared of delaying the process any further. My current cardio seems to think that there isn’t any urgency and has said before that I have had disease for so long that a little extra time won’t make much difference – but I guess I have more to lose than he does. Also, these new symptoms are alarming enough for me to go to the Emergency Department twice in the last fortnight so obviously are very concerning to me.