Reply To: Rare situation of severe GBS case

July 24, 2016 at 1:21 am

It is known that GBS is sometimes associated with surgery. Presumably this is because the body is more exposed to infection, which is believed to trigger GBS.

I was quadriplegic not for four months, but for a few weeks, and paraplegic for a few months. My paralysis was complete in my skeletal muscles below the neck, but I was fortunate in not needing a ventilator. My first sign that recovery was beginning was when I was able to move one finger. I am know (five years out) normal above the knees. My only residuals are weak knees and mild pain in my feet. Don’t give up hope!

My advice is to get as many PE treatments as you can. Recovery does not start immediately after only a few treatments. I had nine and first noticed that I could move a finger after seven or eight.