Reply To: Question about long-term increasing nerve pain

June 27, 2016 at 2:34 pm

Consider me in the same shoes too — if only I could stand to wear them. I was diagnosed around 3 years ago with CIPD. Before that, it was herniated disks, sciatica, and fibromyalgia, by the same neurologist, who I trusted with my life. She eventually talked me into having a spinal tap — a horrorshow in itself — which confirmed her CIDP diagnosis. I did 2 trials of IVIG before having to stop due to severe allergic reaction (my skin started cracking and peeling). My pain is totally out of control now. I had an EMG recently, where she told me it was barely there in my legs, despite widespread pain. At my last visit, I nearly broke down in her office when she told me it wasn’t the CIDP — it was a thyroid/muscle problem and as far as she’s concerned “she’s good on her end”. I’m at my wits end. The pain is really unbearable, and after 18 years sober I’m getting bad thoughts. I feel like I have to get some relief or go insane. No one wants to hear me complain anymore and the depression is killing me. I guess I need to get a new doctor, but can’t bear the idea. I’m sorry to go on so long. If anyone has come up with anything that helps, I appreciate any ideas. Again, sorry to write so much and complain.