Reply To: CIDP and RLS

June 14, 2016 at 9:36 am

I also have severe restless leg syndrome. Let us just say Requip and I are long time friends. I also have back pain and leg residuals from my bout with GBS 18 years ago. I have needed two back surgeries. I now get pain injections in my back from pain management. The pain is in my upper thigh mostly. For anyone out there who might know or have what I do, can you tell me what discs you have injected ? Such as L 1 and 2 etc? Let me just add a gripe. I have heard on this site many who say , “it is not related to your GBS bout” it was to long ago. I was glad to read on here one day the soliloquy from GBS no matter how long ago , will worsen with age. I find as I age this is a major faction in my life. Just wanted to put that out there and get some opinions.