Reply To: Anemia Due To CIDP?

June 14, 2016 at 9:19 am

I am new to CIDP and had my first treatment with IVig in May. After my treatment I became short of breath and had chest pain with any activity. By day 7 I found myself going to the ER with DX of anemia and put thru the ringer for elevated CPK = full Cardiac work up. I also had small blisters covering both hands,all of the skin pealed of within 2 weeks and still small blisters popping up on my hands and feet more than one month later. My Neuro is sending me to a Neuro Muscular specialist and my rheumatologist thinks I will require nonstandard treatment but I am not exactly sure what he means by that. I am glad to find others willing to post details about their challenge’s with CIDP.
Thanks again