Reply To: Facial Paralysis

June 14, 2016 at 9:06 am

I realise this thread is quite old but I’m wondering whether anyone has any updates o give on their progress and what worked/doesn’t work in terms of therapy, exercises etc please? Azgold, I hope your recovery has continued!
I was diagnosed 3 months ago and was 10 days in hospital having IVIG etc. My legs were weak (getting better now though i’ve had a couple of brief setbacks) but the main problem is my face. I had bilateral paralysis but though the right side is 75 pcent back my left side is frozen. I get numbness in my lips, I can’t shut my eye and of course speech, eating and drinking are difficult. Yesterday my left lip moved for the first time – a tiny movement but it’s still there today and I have control of it. It’s a first step! I’m doing a lot of physio including electric therapy, as well as acupuncture. I try to smile looking in the mirror. I’m taking B vits, magnesium and omega 3. Is there anything else anyone can suggest please? And any words of encouragement as to how to move forward?
Thanks and wish you all continued recovery!