Reply To: Looking for Adult with GBS to help with assignment!

June 10, 2016 at 1:43 pm

I went online and use and are really good for reteaching the basics. I still have issues with knowing where my fingers rea on tahe keyboard and spend a lot of time proof reading things before I send or press enter ( I intentionally left 2 typos on here for you) lol. As far as a device for the gentleman, I was thinking of something similar to the Clap on Clap off device, When I was in ICU an Linn Skilled assisted Living, I was unable to push the call light button. They hooked me up a with a call light that I could use my head instead of my fingers. It was a metal device and when I needed anything I just moved my head to the side and touched it with the side of my head/face. If you need anything else just left me know. Glad to be of assistance.