Reply To: Looking for Adult with GBS to help with assignment!

June 8, 2016 at 11:32 am

Not sure exactly what devices you are looking at but here goes my huge list:
Cast splints made to help with drop foot 2 hrs on 2 hrs off. I use these during the day instead of at bedtime. My sleep is precious to me so this is a more feasible option for me.
I have the Allard toe-off braces to support my ankles. They had to take a large and trim the foot part to medium. I needed the extra support of the large but have a small foot. They take a lot of getting used to. they help with my balance, which has improved tremendously. I am bad and don’t wear them like I should. This has resulted in my left foot pointing out when I walk.
My walker was just too slow for me.
I use thera putty for my fingers and hands, love it
i did have to use a grabber/reacher for a little while, loved it. Made getting things high and low a lot easier and I was able to use it to help get myself dressed.
I used sock assistant ( no idea what it is called) for some time. This made things so much easier for me getting dressed. Works for ten hose too’
I also use thera bands and gate belts to do some of my daily stretches and exercises. Love them
N ow why I was hospitalized I had Splints made for both of my hands to straighten them out and to keep them from curling permanently. This did an amazing job.
If you have any questions just let me know