Reply To: Negative Spinal Tap-Still CIDP?

May 29, 2016 at 11:52 pm

Mickymarie,I can’t remember the specifics that my Neuro supplied, but I had an EMG and NCV along with my lumbar puncture. I was originally dx’ed with cidp in 2003 at Emory in Atlanta. At that time my symptoms were mild and I did not receive any treatment. I think my Nuero forwarded that original diagnosis as further support of my having cidp.
I believe the Peer to Peer conference call allows the Doctor to discuss the case with a practicing Doctor. Once that happened my IVIg was approved. I live in South Carolina.

I ended up not getting my IVIg through my UHC plan. I also have a CareMark / CVS pharmacy plan. Through my own research, because no one ever told me, Care Mark has a specialty Pharmacy plan that includes IVIg. I got my IVIg through CareMark. The condition is that you have to use their Home Health Service, meaning the infusions are done in your home, and they provide the Nurse to monitor and administer the IVIg. Though I was a bit apprehensive at first, I did not have any problems, and my nurse did a great job. I would do Home Health again. There was a $10,000 out of pocket difference by going through my Pharmacy plan instead of my UHC plan. You might want to see if you have that coverage. I hope this helps.