Reply To: Cyclophosphamide (Chemotherapy)…someone tried it ?

May 16, 2016 at 11:01 pm

Jim, people often say “plasmapheresis” when the precise term for the particular treatment is “plasma exchange.” I expect that is what it was. What concerns me is that I have not heard that whether or not one responds to a particular number of PE treatments is a criterion for distinguishing GBS from CIDP. The OP seems to imply that CIDP patients do not rspond to PE. This is not necessarily true. There is variation in response to treament whichever the diagnosis.

I was initially diagnosed GBS, then CIDP. Under the latter diagnosis I was given nine PE treatments, but it was only after about six or seven that I started recovery. Five may be typical, but I think it is too few. I feel my excellent recovery was due to having more than the usual number of PE treatments, although there is no way to prove this.